Aarhus Stream Valley

Aarhus Ådal
Valley situated west of Brabrand Lake; is a part of the subglacial stream trench that stretches from Aarhus to the lake highland in Midjutland. The Aarhus Stream Valley is bounded to the North and South by moraine formations. The northern part of the valley is cut through by Lyngbygaard Stream. At the beginning of the sixties the valley was drained and Aarhus Stream was removed, straightened out, and diked in, which ruined large natural values.
Beautiful nature
Today the valley is mainly cultivated fields and meadows, and a couple of small forests and bog areas. The area is about 358 hectares that was preserved in 1983 to stop further building, keep the valley profile, and to open the area to the public through the laying of paths. 
Connecto to other areas
The paths give a.o. connection to the preserved Jeksen Valley and through the valley leads a regional walking route from Aarhus to Skanderborg and a bike route from Aarhus to Ry.
Lakes and rivers in and around Aarhus
Walking and running routes in Aarhus

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