Aftentur med Vægteren

Information about the walks of the night watchman and the tours of Maribo concerning the history of civilization   

1. The night watchman walks in the old part of the town of Maribo once again 

In former times the night watchman walked in the streets of the town in order to put the oil lamps out, to keep an eye on the houses and the population. The night watchman also looked after the delivery of drunken people to the authorities and the gathering of sick people and the handing over to the closest barber. His task was first of all to sound the alarm and to help people to get their belongings out of the houses in case of a fire. Everybody in the town knew the night watchman, when he walked around with his spiked mace and his watchman lamp.The song of the night watchman should inform the inhabitants of the town that he was in the streets, so they could feel secure for the coming night. But the song also kept the night watchman awake. 

During July and August the job of the night watchman is revived in the old part of the town of Maribo. Night watchman dresses have been sewed according to old designs. They have been made by The Old Working Workshop in Holeby. 

Do make the walk together with the night watchman every Wednesday and Friday. Meeting place in front of The Old Town Hall at 9 p.m. The walk lasts about one hour and it costs 10 krones.

2. History of civilization tour in the evening with dean Ole Opstrup, guide Rene Debois and night watchman Verner Hansen 

During 4 evening tourists, guests and especially the townsmen of Maribo have the possibility to experience a tour of Maribo concerning the history of civilization. It lasts 3 hours. 

The tour begins at the old cathedral. Dean Ole Opstrup receives at 7 p.m. at the ruins of the castle, whereupon the tour continues in the cathedral. The hall of the land fashion is open in honour of the occasion. And as something quite new the participants become the possibility of walking on the very big middle Age church loft, which some years ago became new footbridges. As a result of the footbridges it is possible to experience the big vaults that are supporting the huge roof construction of the loft. 

This part of the tour ends with a look at the old church clock. After this Rene Debois takes over by leading the visitors across the church yard, the paving stones and the custom houses of the town, the old grocers’ yards and ending in the square of the town. Here Verner Hansen is ready to make his walk as a night watchman through the old part of the town. The walk ends about 10 p.m. 

It costs 30 krones, which are collected in the course of the tour. 
All the tours with the night watchman are supported by Maribo Tourist Association, and they are arranged together with Maribo Tourist Bureau.       

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