Beth Baun - One artist & to sisters

Each season with its own charm

This is also the way it is in our shop. Take your time to explore the wide range of utensils, paintings, decoration items and lots more. There is a wide range of bed linen and towels of good quality and numerous colors and sizes. Be inspired and enthusiastic about the design and quality of the products as well as the atmosphere in the shop all year.

Gallery Værnhøj is also a big part of experiencing the shop. The artist Dorthe Værnhøj brings a special ambiance to the different environments in the shop. Apart from paintings of different sizes Dorthe also paints on other things like second hand vases and stools.

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Butikstorvet 2
7190 Billund


+45 4076 3993


  • Industry

    • Interior decoration
    • Clothes/Shoes
    • Art and Industrial Design



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