Cycling trip - the giant rock in Søllested Forest (approx. 20 km)

Visit the giant stone in Søllested Forest (approx. 20 km)
Western Lolland is not characterised by stone but in Søllested Forest, around 15 km from Nakskov there is a giant stone that has a surface measuring approximately 2.5 x 4 metres. Nobody knows how deep it goes down in the ground but it weighs at least 40 tonnes. Apart from the giant stone, Søllested Skov is noted for both its varied landscape and tranquillity and its well-constructed network of paths and trails are very suitable for both walking and cycling excursions. The forest is managed by the adjoining manor estate Søllested Gård.

From Hestehoved follow Strandpromenaden in towards Nakskov and then ride eastwards along the harbour to Rødbyvej, where you then turn right and continue along cycling route 35 (highway 291) towards Højreby and Søllested. Take the third exit from the roundabout in Højreby and turn up through Søllested. Continue straight through the town along the main street to Søllested Gård. Shortly thereafter, turn to the right down towards the forest. For a change of scenery on the way back to Nakskov ride along Vestre Landevej / Maribovej, which pass through the Northern end of the forest. By taking this route, you will pass such attractions as the golf course and Halsted Deer Park, which is also renowned for its very large rhododendrons.

From Søllested, it is also possible to take the train back to Nakskov on the Lolland line.   

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