Disc Golf in Aarhus

Disc Golf - Anyone can join and it's free!
Disc golf is like regular golf, where a Frisbee disc replaces club and ball. The hole is replaced by a specially designed disc golf basket which has chains that catch the disc. The courses are set up in open areas at Langenæsparken, Tilst Bypark and Risskovparken both located in the outskirts of Aarhus.
Three courses in Aarhus
The course in Langenæsparken is established as an open space sport without predefined tees, while the courses in Risskovparken and Tilst Bypark have permanent tees. As mentioned above it is free to play disc golf - you just need to bring your own disc as a frisbee will be too light and cannot go a long distance.
The general rules for disc golf, and more useful iformation about the game - visit this link

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