The Tors Tower

Torstårnet (Thor's Tower)26.5 m high, on Høje-Taastrup Torv near the railway station is Scandinavia's tallest sculpture.

The tower was designed by Professor Bjørn Nørgaard inspired by the Norse mythology and was inaugurated in 1986. The tower tells the history of the location: There used to be a place of worship in Taastrup, a name originally meaning Thor's field.

Torstårnet was built of architectonic elements having a strong resemblance to the architectural traditions of various cultures, whereas the main figures are fertility symbols, the man and the woman.

Thus, standing in a neighbourhood where Danes and migrants live side by side, the tower becomes the symbol of a fruitful symbiosis of different cultures.

About 100 persons were involved in the erection of Torstårnet: artisans, engineers, architects etc.

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Høje Tåstrup Torv
2630 Taastrup



Longitude : 12.269949109
Latitude : 55.647668964