Universe – a truly amazing experience for the whole family

In a galaxy not so far away lies Universe Science Park; a wondrous place where drones whizz about, trees grow upside down and crazy robots chatter away. Skip all the training and become an F-16 pilot for the day. Explosive cocktails of boiling liquid nitrogen, gases and deafening bangs are every day experiences, not to mention instantaneous journeys through the stars to distant galaxies.

In 2016 Universe will take off with a host of thrilling experiences for both children and adults. F-16 flight simulators, flying drones and 5D space trips are among some of the park’s brand new attractions - sky-high entertainment that guarantees to leave the whole family exhilarated and breathless.


Drone pitch

At our brand new drone pitch, you will be able to hover in the air with genuine drones. Fly the drones through training track landscapes, where different obstacles waits you. Compete against each other and see who scores the most points.


F16 flight simulators

Our top attraction in 2016 is the brand-new F-16 flight simulator. Soar through the heavens and turn the skies above into your personal playground at the blink of an eye. But beware! Real fighter aces must be on the lookout for dangerous enemies at all times.


Space voyage with a robot guide

Join Rusty the Robot on a spectacular 5D journey across the infinity of space and prepare for a truly breathtaking experience as your odyssey takes you to distant, colourful galaxies. But hold on tight! Rusty is notorious for his many unpredictable antics.


Science Circus

Are you ready for an explosive cocktail of bubbling liquid nitrogen, gases and deafening bangs? Experience the magic of Science in our crazy Science Show, which has plenty of thrills to offer children and adults alike. 


Segway track

Jump on a Segway and try out a piece of technology that relies on a clever combination of design, computing power and your sense of balance. Discover if you can conquer dangerous obstacles and keep you balance while driving through all the winding turns. 


Bitten’s Garden

Bitten’s Garden is a place to relax and rest for a while. The lush and colourful garden is a veritable oasis of flowers, guaranteed to please nature lovers, and will revive all your senses. Try to find the flowers that smell of cola and chocolate! 


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6430 Nordborg



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  • Classification

    • Easy access
    • Saint Hannes Cross
  • Facilities

    • Restaurant/Cafe
    • Coach park
    • Packed lunch permitted
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    • Theme park



Longitude : 9.809507783
Latitude : 55.041617951