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Kulturhavn Gilleleje

3250, Gilleleje

Kulturhavn Gilleleje is a project that will contribute to the development of a vibrant and attractive town center, ensuring that Gilleleje is still thriving and sustainable in commerce and culture. So...

Beautiful gallery on a scenic location in the wood between Fredensborg and Hillerød placed in an old picturesque farm house from 1902.

In the gallery Birgitte Sandvik exhibits abstract, colourful pa...

© Kunstrunden Nordsjælland

The art association Kunstrunden Nordsjælland – Art Tour North Sealand - aims to represent the many artists and artisans who live and work in North Sealand. The association has around 100 members who w...

© N!chen


3000, Helsingør

You will find Nichen in Stengade in one of Elsinore’s most beautiful courtyards, Hans Rostgaards yard. In the midst of town, yet in a small peaceful retreat that oozes art, culture and history.


Ida Krogsgaard

3000, Helsingør

The artist Ida Krogsgaard works with painting, ceramics and installations. A humorous approach to both design and title are consistent for most of her work.

Visit by appointment.
See more at kunstrun...

© Henrik Schurmann

Galleri Schurmann

3000, Helsingør

Galleri Schurmann is a photo gallery situated in the historic Poternehuset right next to Kronborg Castle. In the gallery fine photo art by Henrik Schurmann is on display and you can buy pictures, post...

© Karen Folker VN

Kronborg Gallerierne

3000, Helsingør

The Kronborg Galleries are creative spaces open to the public. The galleries are situated in the old military buildings surrounding Kronborg Castle, to both sides of the main entrance Kronværksporten....

© Helsingør Kunstgalleri

Helsingør Art Gallery

3000, Helsingør

Gallery in Elsinore with contemporary art. We are located in a beautiful old house from the 1600s, in the center of the old town, near the central square Axeltorv. Come and enjoy the more than 100 pai...

© Per Christoffersen

Per Christoffersen

3250, Gilleleje

Per Christoffersen has exhibitions both in Denmark and abroad. He has in 2012 received The Leonardo Award 2012, 2'prize and in 2013 the price Special mention for excellence at The London Art Biennale....

© Marie Plum

Gallery Plum

3000, Helsingør

Marie works with the big shapes. She make a close up to find the sculpture in the objekt, both the negative and the pisitive shapes,

witch is found in the nature endlessly. Marie takes the objekt out...

© Eva Müller

Tibirke Kunst

3220, Tisvildeleje

Icon Workshop and small gallery of icons in the word's original meaning, but in a contemporary and unique design mm....

© Galleri gejlsbjerg

Gallery Gejlsbjerg

3200, Helsinge

The gallery presents oli paintings of various sizes in several series.
The hallmark of the artist is the colors, themes and content of symbols.
Reservations are possible. Look at the website and see t...


3390, Hundested

New gallery and shop in Nødebohuse near by Hundested.

Wee sell goggels and equiptment to use in the nature. We also have al small gallery where you can see beautiful bird pictures and much more.


Galleri Kisum og Secher

3100, Hornbæk

Gallery Kisum & Secher in Hornbæk has changing exhibitions of ceramics, photography, paintings and sculptures. The gallery is also a ceramic workshop creating ceramics in Japanese raku technique. The ...

Gallery Milleklem

3390, Hundested

Welcome to my gallery Milleklem. Here I show my paintings in watercolor, oil, acrylic and clay sculptures. I have for many years exhibited in Sweden and in recent years in Denmark. To be creative is a...

© Dutrupgaard

Atelier Blå at Dutrupgaard

3070, Snekkersten

The artist Birgitte Raen Gilsvik has her studio at Dutrupgaard. She held her first solo exhibition in 1997, and since then she has had a number of shows in Norway and Denmark. It is first and foremost...

© Karinna Damgård

Karinna Damgård

3200, Helsinge

Karinna Damgård works for a living as a professional artist and spiritual advisor. Draws, paints, writes, takes photographs, creates workshops and private sessions - with great empathy and spiritual i...

Annie Nielsen

3480, Fredensborg

Private view May 16th. 1:00-4:00pm.

Meet Annie Nielsen in the gallery 1:00 - 6.00pm

Portraits, Animal, Stilleben, Greenland, Abstract.

Guest exhibitors:

Mona Jahn

Karen Lindberg

© Kunst i fileten

Association of local artists, which aims to disseminate, promote and preserve the understanding of art and artistic forms of expression. Association was formed in 1994 and exhibits each summer in Fiie...

Karen Dam certainly gets around in the world of textiles. If you go to church to hear Sunday?s lesson, for example, there is a strong possibility that the chasuble ? white, green, violet or red, depen...

Granite ornaments.Bring home a piece of Bornholm in the shape of a beautiful ornament grinded at our own grindery.Large selection of amber ornaments.Different kinds of applied art of gr...


3760, Gudhjem

CassiusClay is a group of three ceramic artists. The work of the four artists holds an individuality that creates an exciting atmosphere of artistic endeavour.Anne Mette Hjortshøj makes unique th...

Pernille Bülow Glas

3740, Svaneke

Creativity and the desire to work with her hands have always been fundamental to Pernille Bülow.And even though she is today in charge of 25 staff at the Pernille Bülow Glas company ? with all th...

She has a broad range of products: glasses, candlesticks, vases, tea-light holders and plant containers, milk and cream sets, oil lamps, jugs, etc. ...

Else Leth Nissen Glass

3720, Aakirkeby

Else Leth Nissen is her own person. She prefers to work alone and runs her business single-handed. She is also very much her own person when it comes to methods and products. From her popular eggcups ...

In the shop of Elisabeth Müller you will find a large selection of ornaments, bags, stoneware figures, glassware and paintings. ...


3760, Gudhjem

Hans-Henning Pedersen (The woodsmith) works in various wood types, preferably Laburnum and fruit trees. Born in 1950.

Pay a visit to the workshop with hand-made candles...

Baltic Sea Glass

3760, Gudhjem

Baltic Sea Glass clings to the granite coast, just south of Gudhjem, Bornholm. With the Baltic Sea in sight, history in its foundations, and the glowing mass on the blowpipe, Maibritt Jönsson ...

Rø Glasværksted

3760, Gudhjem

Svend Holst-Pedersen mostly makes unique items, but he also produces dishes using glass rods that he has made himself, melting them down to form a hollow shape, as well as holders for decorative light...

Grønbechs Gård

3790, Hasle

At Grønbechs Gård an exhibition shows the works of 56 of the best craftsmen in Bornholm within glass, ceramics, textiles, iron and wood....

Jans Keramik

3730, Nexø

Lise and Dirch Jans are highly skilled and professional potters with over 30 years of experiences in this ancient craft. During winter, Lise and Dirch work from their pottery studio in Macclesfield, ...

Eva Brandt, keramiker

3700, Rønne

Eva Brandt?s production consists of unique items, hand-thrown and modelled pots and vases. Large pots are modelled over several days, while the smaller objects are spun very thin on her kick wheel.

Bente Hammer

3700, Rønne

The gentle, crisp ding-dong of the old bell on the door welcomes you to the shop in the Church Smithy. Immediately a symphony of marvellous textiles, colours, designs is presented for your senses.



3770, Allinge

Global Trade work for sustainable development and poverty reduction in Africa among other things by importing and selling Fair Trade products and arranging concerts and journeys in order to enlig...

Visit the pottery....

Lilli´s Glasdesign

3700, Rønne

Unusual glass art is crafted in the glass workshop. The widely varied product range includes handcrafted articles for everyday use as well as one-of-a-kind artwork....

Hedegaard Glass Cottage

7361, Ejstrupholm

Visit the talented glass blower in his workshop, and see how he makes the most beautiful items in glass.Look around in the permanent exhibition, where also might get a good offer on a purchase.



7430, Ikast

The old railway station in Ikast has been transformed into a very nice and light gallery with exhibitions of Danish and international art. The gallery exhibits art of high standards, and here, there i...

The Ceramics Workshop

7361, Ejstrupholm

The old dairy in Hedegaard has been transformed into a fascinating workshop, where Nina and Jean-Francois produce many different articles for everyday use - you will for instance find the most beautif...

The Jørgen Østergaard Gallery is situated 10 kilometres east from Herning. The gallery exhibits evocative art in different artforms, including both paintings and sculptures. The gallery is open Wednes...

Galleri Spor 1

7330, Brande

On the first floor in the old station building on Brande station, you find the art gellery, Spor 1. The gallery offers exibitions with, among others, the artists, that have paticipated in the Internat...

Galleri Bankgaard

8766, Nørre Snede

The gallery, Galleri Bankgaard, is located in the middle of the beautiful nature of Central Jutland near the village Boest close to Nørre Snede. The gallery gives you an opportunity to see art of espe...

Kunstgaarden "Galleri Beck"

9700, Brønderslev

Galleri BeckOne of North Jutland's  galleries, housing a collection of several hundred paintings by contemporary and non-contemporary artists. ...

Glashuset Antik og Design

9700, Brønderslev

Visit Glashuset Antik og DesignThe company is selling various beautiful designs of antiques like things made of glass, furnitures, paintings, dekorations, silver, etc.The...

© Det lille Stengalleri

Det Lille Stengalleri

9700, Brønderslev

The gallery exhibits its own sculptures in granite in a beautiful closed garden and on a covered patio. There are always plenty of different sculptures to enjoy....

Galleri Strid

9320, Hjallerup

Self-taught artist whose art takes it point of depature in the naturalistic mode of expression.The gallery also functions as a workshop so most often you can meet the artist in the gall...

© Mylund Keramik

Anna K. Johannsdottir

9700, Brønderslev

Anna K. Johannsdottir was born on Iceland in 1955. Educated at Reykavik School of arts and crafts in 1977-83....


Toont 51 - 100 van 854 items

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