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A 'must'  bike ride in the flat Lolland landscape. The old, former railway track connects Maribo with Rødbyhavn, a lovely 19 km long tour.

You  pass through a delightful landscape with varying agricu...

© Anne Mette Rasmussen Møller


Nice evening trip towards the island Æbelø.
M/S Castor will be at anchor while the guests enjoy the food.

No landing on Æbelø.

Price: Adults/children DKK...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

1864 – Guided town walk 

On April 2nd and 3rd, 1864 Prussian cannons bombarded Broagerland Sønderborg. Around a third of Sønderborg town was destroyed, and the residents were forced to flee. 

The to...

Wadden Sea Center, Ribe, © Vadehavscentret, Ribe

Nature guided tours in the Wadden Sea National Park
Together with a professional ranger from the Wadden Sea Centre
you get the opportunity to experience the unique nature and culture
of the National...

© Limfjordscentret

Sea kayaking on the Limfjord - Doverodde Købmandsgård.

When we have our Limfjord markets it is possible to try Kayak Tours on the Limfjord, with a guide.

A trial trip in a sea kayak, 30-45 min Dkk 8...

Welcome to The Eco-Trails at Knuthenlund manor

Into the future - with the best of the past.
Come and discover how Knuthenlund Manor, using new organic growing principles, is reviving the proud famil...

Welcome to the beet track at Lungholm Manor

This lovely biking or hiking tour allows one to experience at close quarters an insight into some of the factors that characterized beet growing on Lolland...

Stokkemarke Hestehaveskov is a small, privately owned wood southwest of Stokkemarke. This delightful circularroute covers 4 km from the town’s civic and cu...

East and West from Nysted

You can find the map here....

Cyclingroute in Hestehaven

A route describtion does not currently exist in English. You can find a map with Danish describtion here or in German here...

Cyclingroutes in Roden and Frejlev forests

A route describtion does not currently exist in english but you can find the map with a danish description here or in german here...


You can find a map here....

Daily riding tours by the North Sea in the Vigsø Bugt area using 1st class Iceland ponies. The tours are individually tailored according to the participants' skills.

Bathing tour to Vigsø
Riding in t...

Enjoy a guided tour of Sejerø - on horseback
Enjoy Sejerø's wonderful scenery – from the saddle of an Icelandic pony. 
A hour's ride down paths and along the beach for just DKK 200.
Some horse riding ...


4592, Sejerø

Horse-drawn carriage tour of Sejerø
Enjoy the wonderful scenery of Sejerø from a horse-drawn carriage.
Klaus’ and Karin's proud Jutland horses will take you round the island and have a good time on th...


4281, Gørlev

Pony trekking
Pony trekking is a unique kind of holiday for riding enthusiasts eager to spend lots of time together with their horse.
The rider's sense of freedom and interaction with nature and the h...

You will be sailing with the Fisheries and Maritime Museum's fishing cutter E1 Claus Sørensen. Fishing will be carried out with a beam trawl which provides the opportunity to study fish and other mari...

© Torben Meyer, Esbjerg Byhistoriske Arkiv

Seal safari and harbour tours in Esbjerg - 27 June - 9 September 2016

See Esbjerg and Fanø from the seaside, experience the busy Esbjerg Harbour and visit the seals in the Wadden Sea.


Cycle tour from Aalbæk through Aalbæk Klitplantage, to Råbjerg Plantage, stop at Råbjerg Kirke, towards Bunken Klitplantage, along Lodskovvadvej towards Aalbæk where the trip ends. The main ...

Try something different in the summer holidays: Go on a fun & exciting children´s guided tour.

Choose between:

"Following the fish from sea to table"

"Amber-the gold of the sea"

Sign up at Skagen...

The North Sea Trail is a coastline hiking trail through the seven countries surrounding the North Sea; Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, England and Scotland.

In North Jutland the trail ...

© Bente Poder

175 km riding route through Hirtshals, Skagen, Frederikshavn, Sindal and Hjørring being established. From the dune plantations you can ride along marked routes through the dunes down to the beach. A l...

- Regional cycle routes no. 62 and no. 63

Tolneruten is a 55 km long cycle route between Hjørring and Frederikshavn. The route creates a connection between the west coast, Tolne area and the east coa...

The West Coast Route (Vestkystruten) is a 560 km north-south long cycle route following Danish Jutland’s west coast. Along the route, you will experience huge landscape differences - from the flat mar...

© History Tours

History Tours

1200, København K

Discover Copenhagen with a true historian on History Tours' city walks.

History Tours offers walking tours around Copenhagen with historian Christian Holm Donatzky. Each tour focuses on a particular ...

© Visit Kolding

City Tour in Christiansfeld

6070, Christiansfeld

Come on a conducted tour of Christiansfeld with a guide, who tells about the Moravian Brethren in Christiansfeld in an inspiring way and about the honey cakes, which the town is famous for.


© Fædrelandet

Trips are arranged throughout the year and they are tailored to your wishes and riding experience. Experienced riders can rent a horse and go exploring the island on their own Furthermore, we can orga...

© Seadog


9940, Læsø

Sail on the SeadogWith the Seadog's programme you have many great opportunities to experience the sea around Læsø. We offer a wide range of trips, and there is definitely on...

© Krogbækgaard Kursus- & Feriecenter


9940, Læsø

Krogbækgaard riding holiday
Ride on Icelandic ponies. We offer a quit evning tour, 2-hour tours & day tours. Trips in horse-drawn, carriages through Rønnerne. From Krogbækgård we ride past the Læsø S...

© Rønnergården Rideferie

Riding Holiday on icelandic Horses
Weekendstay with riding tours
3 days ride around Laesoe

The Icelandic horse is very common on Læsø. With its special gaits and its
pleasant nature, the horse is ver...

On Tunø there are no cars. So you either have to walk, cycle or catch one of Traxa-Vagn's "cabs" to get around. There are 5 or 6 "traxa cabs", each with a passenger capacity of 15 – 18, driving visito...

© Safaritur med Rønnerbussen v/Thomas W. Olsen

Guided tour with nature guide to Rønnerne conservation area and across the tidal sea to the island of Hornfiskrøn. Stops at Pigestenen and the salt weel...

© Visit Kolding

The GPS Treaure Hunt

6000, Kolding

Geocaching - Discover the nature and culture of Kolding in a whole new way.

Geocaching is a growing family sport, a modern form of treasure hunt where you by using the GPS find treasures (called cac...

© Visit Kolding

Historical City Tour

6000, Kolding

Our knowledgeable guides welcome you on the tour and tell vivid story of Kolding. Hear about the street grid that still has the same structure as in 1500-century old houses, the war in 1849 between De...

© Visit Kolding

Historisk tur til Christinero

6070, Christiansfeld

Not available on English...

© Visit Kolding

Not available on English...

© Visit Kolding

Get an overview of the royal palace's history and its use from its founding in 1268 until today. Koldinghus has gone from being a fortress, later a royal palace and today it houses the Museum of Koldi...

© Visit Kolding

Slotssøen rundt

6000, Kolding

Not available on English...

© VisitDenmark

The Forest Route

8240, Risskov

Sunbeams over Aarhus - The Forest Route has two different starting points, one by the parking ground in Mollerup Skov by Skejbyvej (A) and one by the dog training facilities of DCH on Viengevej (B). F...

© VisitAarhus

The Park Route

8000, Aarhus C

Sunbeams over Aarhus - The Park Route
The 5,4 kilometres route starts and ends by The Natural History Museum. It follows asphalted path systems through the three parks – Universitetsparken/the Univers...

© VisitDenmark

The Coastal Route

8000, Aarhus C

Sunbeams over Aarhus - The Coastal Route. This route is primarily a route for cycling but it is also possible to go on the route with running shoes or hiking shoes. In this case, the parallel path sys...

© VisitDenmark

The Land Route

8200, Aarhus N

Sunbeams over Aarhus - The Land Route
The route starts at the parking ground by the road at Vestereng by Bodøvej. The route takes you through the woods of the old military area, past Århus Universitet...

© VisitDenmark

The Pulse Route

8240, Risskov

Sunbeams over Aarhus - The Pulse Route
The route starts in Riis Skov by the parking ground between the old forester building and the youth hostel. The route follows the running route in the forest.

Let the skilled instructors of Cykelkompagniet in Roskilde lead you by bike paths and narrow tracks over hills and ditches through the forest to views pampering your senses.
On the way they will inst...

Skonnerten Fylla

5970, Ærøskøbing

The Schooner Fylla ( offers sailing cruises in the Funen archipelago for all interested parties, including school camps, families or companies.
Help to set sail on board or enjo...

© Carsten Enemark

It's nice to stand or sit with a fishing rod in hand. Randers Fjord is really good fishing water with many kinds of fish. Randers Fjord is very special because the salinity varies widely.In Rande...

© Nyborg Rejser

Tours in Denmark

5800, Nyborg

Nyborg Rejser A/S  is a danish travel company and has experience with transportation through many years. We offer to organize the transportation for public institutions, firms and private turists in D...

© Jørgen Diswal

Go on a guided tour to Sprogø, contact Nyborg Turistbureau, phone +45 6375 9460...

The nature trail between Horsens and Silkeborg aprox. 52 km.

The nature trail along the old Bryrup railway takes you through the beautiful and hilly sea high-land. The trail’s path is split into two...

Naturstien Søvind

8700, Horsens

The nature trail to Søvind

The beautiful nature trail from Husodde to Søvind, partly runs along the old railway tracks from Silkeborg. Along the trail, there are several opportunities to enjoy your l...


Toont 101 - 150 van 779 items

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