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© Jimmy Lind

Cycling in Skive area is refreshing for body and mind. Enjoy the surroundings and the varied landscape intensively. After a day's touring you spend the night at an inn/a hotel / an Youth hostel or a B...

© Bent Plougstrup

Canoe catamaran

7884, Fur

Limfjordskano hires out canoes. With our canoe-catamarans we offer nature lovers and anyone else, who want to spend active time together outdoors, an opportunity to experience the Limfjord coast from ...

© Morsø Turistbureau

Northern Mors in 3 days

7900, Nykøbing M

Northern Mors is offers perfect surroundings for your cycling holiday. In this area you will experience “mountain routes” as well as flat stretches, but common for all the routes ist the impressive an...

© Morsø Turistbureau

Discovering the Limfjords Land

7900, Nykøbing M

The Limfjords land is a paradise for cyclists. Here are fantastic possibilities toward an outstanding, rich nature variations and where you'll meet many lovely people on track. Some can be very diffic...

© morsø turistbureau

From Mors to Skagen

7900, Nykøbing M

From Mors towards Skagen - is a bicycle tour beyond the sea and the fjord. The Limfjord - the North Sea - the Kattegat, you get it all and you will have time to live and experience.

The Limfjord, th...

© Morsø Turistbureau

Mini cycling on Mors

7900, Nykøbing M

On Mors you can experience a unique and varying nature, starting from the north hill, forests amid the isle that brings you to the soft water-meadows with bird reservoir, forests and beaches in the so...

© Morsø Turistbureau

Cycling tour with charm

7900, Nykøbing M

The Limfjord area is excellent for cycling and in this tour you’ll get 8 days with a little of everything. A silent bay and a foaming sea. A unique and varied scenery, high sky, clean air and Western ...

© Morsø Turistbureau

Touring the island of Mors

7900, Nykøbing M

Mors - "Island beyound the sea" lies amid the beaming Limfjord that measures the whole of Jutland because of its exquisite and varying nature. The island has all the elements that gives your whole fam...

© Morsø turistbureau

Let yourself be seduced by “The Snaps Route's” good own recipe and delightful seasoned snaps, with your bicycle as a mean of transportation round along the Limfiord’s beautiful nature.

The country of...

© morsø turistbureau

In no less than 4 times you will cross the Limfiord on your way around Jutland’s landscape where it is most beautiful.

You will start and finish at the Limfjord island of Mors and bike through Sallin...

Kystruten på Mors

7900, Nykøbing M

Translation follows....

Orientering Course

6960, Hvide Sande

Fun for the whole family...


8766, Nørre Snede

Hærvejen is an ancient road through Central Jutland that once was used to drive cattles from Jutland to the German region of Schleswig-Holstein. Today, large parts of Hærvejen are unpaved, but you can...


7362, Hampen

The marked route of Hjorteruten (the deer path) runs through Nørre Snede and along the former border of Nørre Snede Kommune. On the route, quiet visitors have the possibility of meeting both roe and r...


8000, Aarhus C

CoastZone is a company working with teambuilding, team training and corporate events and activities. The primary goal is to create succesful experiences for the customers.
From the main office in Aa...


8900, Randers C

In partnership with the hotels of the city, we can offer weekend breaks in Randers med indgang til Randers Rain Forest included in the price....

The Marguerite Route in South Thy leads you to Thy on two different routes:

From the south you take the Agger-Thyborøn ferry, from the port of Thyborøn to the spit of land at Agger Tange.

From the e...

© Ud paa Tur, Lemvig

Ud På Tur, exciting events in Lemvig and its surroundings

All year there are exciting evente in Lemvig and its surroundings.

Get or order the Ud På Tur brochure at Lemvig Tourist Office....

Emma Line

7680, Thyborøn

Emma Line Wreck-tripsI can arrange some very good wreck-trips. My idea is that the trip should be around 22 hours: so we can reach some of the really good wrecks, where I have jigged cods up...

The Crooked Railway

7330, Brande

The Crooked Railway runs on the old railway path - from Grindsted to Funder, via Brande and Ejstrupholm. In total, the route is 76 kilometres long and runs through moors and woods with a view to beaut...

Brande Riding Club

7330, Brande

If you like horses, Brande Riding Club is definitely worth a visit. Guests are welcome in the stables and horses may be hired for supervised riding.

Read more about the club and it´s opening hours o...

The Ancient Road, © VisitVejle

Thousands of years ago, before cars filled the roads and before railways linked the major cities, the largest thoroughfare through Jutland followed the rivers. Wandering here were people from all walk...

The Bindeballestien Route, © VisitVejle

The Bindeballestien hiking and bicycling route follows the old disused rail track from Bindeballe by the Ancient Road to Vejle - a 23-kilometre stretch. Bindeballestien is a scenic country trail desig...

Herb route on the island Endelave
On the island Endelave you will find several walking and bicycle-ride suggestions, where you on the way can pick wild flowers to use for making your own aromatic schn...

© Lea Neuberg


6780, Skærbæk

Welcome to Søndernæsgaard - outdoors gastronomy....

Longview Trailriding

6280, Højer

Könnten Sie sich vorstellen Ihren Traum des freien LebensOhne Stress auszuleben?Wenn ja, sind Sie ganz herzlich wilkommen diesen Traum zusammen mit entweder den Pferden von:LONGVIEW TRAILRIDING oder I...

© Destination Sydvestjylland

Sort Safari

6270, Tønder

Nature and culture trips of high quality with a guide: The black sun (as many as 1 million starlings ), the white sun (10.000 swans), Jules Verne safari (sail on the Ejder) Hallig Safari (sail in the ...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

We visit the lavishly adorned Palace Church and walk through the palace gardens, that lie beautifully surrounded by lakes and forests.

The competent guides will tell you the story of the church, the ...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

The town goes through the old town with its Art Nouveau style houses. We visit the Tilting Museum, where we are welcomed by a guide who knows everything about the history of tilting-at-the-ring.



6310, Broager

Baltic Dive Center has courses in marine biology and diving in Broager/Brunsnæs, fjordvejen 14.The diving base os well equipped with the latest equipment and lies just a few steps from the s...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

A classic town walk through the old town. We start at Nordborg Castle and walk past the old houses in town to the church, where the ducal family is buried. The tour ends with a visit to the Local Hist...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Guided tour of Augustenborg

6440, Augustenborg

Go on a guided tour of Augustenborg Palace and listen to the story of the Ducal Family while you visit the dukes’ private dining hall, the garden hall and the study, among other places.

We see the c...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Go on a genuine treasure hunt

According to legend, Pirate Alf lived in the Gråsten Forests. He left behind a treasure that many people have searched for without success. Many places in the forest are...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Horse-Drawn Wagon Rides

6300, Gråsten

Take a cosy ride. Enjoy the nature and birdsong on the way to idyllic Margrethe Lake in Gråsten Forest.

Every Wednesday from 1th July 2015 to 12th August 2015,
starting at Ahlmannsparken in Gråsten a...

Skonnerten Fylla

5970, Ærøskøbing

The Schooner Fylla ( ) offers sailing cruises in the Funen archipelago for all interested parties, including school camps, ...

Langeland Touristik

5935, Bagenkop

Holiday Houses, Boats for rent, hire of cutters....

© Turist- og Erhvervsforeningen Langeland

Mjølner was build in 1922 in Svendborg. From the start Mjølner had motor and wheelhouse, but was also cutter-rigged. Today Mjølner is a sailing museumboat. When Mjølner is not sailing. Mjølner is plac...

Spodsbjerg Badehotel

5900, Rudkøbing

Not far from the harbour in Spodsbjerg you will find Spodsbjerg Badehotel. Here you can take an angling trip in a cutter on the sea....

Torben Hansen Ferie

5932, Humble

Boat hire, Angling holidays and holiday houses....

Angelcentrum Langeland

5900, Rudkøbing

In our shop on Langeland you will find everything you need for fishing trip. You can rent boats, kutters or fish from the beach or in a put & take lake. ...

Meta af Rudkøbing

5900, Rudkøbing

Meta offers a range of activities on the sea....

Boat and house hire service on Langeland.


Øhavets Smakkecenter

5900, Rudkøbing

Experience the uniqe sailing school on the small island Strynø. You can learn to sail a smack dinghy or sail around in the archipelago on your own. Kayak hire. We can pack a smack dinghy with charts, ...

© Lars Boesen

Tree-climbing for everyone

5500, Middelfart

Tree-climbing, Middelfart

Book, and see date ande time here: Tree-climbing

Tree-climbing, Treetop-walking and much more. Klatretræ.dk is a rather new one-man company, owned by Lars Boesen, who is an...

M/S Thor kystsejlads

3760, Gudhjem

Enjoy a delightful trip with "Thor", sailing the most beautiful stretch of rocky coastline on Bornholm, from Gudhjem harbour to The Helligdom Rocks.Your captain and guide wil...

Dykkercenter Bornholm

3700, Rønne

DIVECENTER Bornholm - a complete divecenter & diveshop located at the heart of the Baltic sea on the beautiful island Bornholm. The center is manned with experienced staff....

Biking Bornholm

3770, Allinge

Welcome to Biking holidays on Bornholm!

We arrange package biking and golf tours on Bornholm for all who want a different experience for their holidays.

In this web-side you will find descriptions ...

Listed Trolling

3740, Svaneke

Trollingboat with all equipment. Also possibilities to have a guide. We help you with accomodation....

Fishing trip with M/S Gaia

4912, Harpelunde

Otto Paludan arranges fishing trips onboard the M/S Gaia.

In the spring we fish mainly for cod, and in the autumn main for flatfish.

We arrange trips for groups of 8 - 12 persons.

Departure ports...

Skonnerten Johanne

4900, Nakskov

The schooner Johanne

Do come along with Denmark´s oldest and best kept schooner called Johanne.

Holiday cruises

Day trip

Flag day

Please look for further information on the homepage www.skonnert-...


Toont 51 - 100 van 735 items

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