Anettes Sandwich

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Nytorv 27

9000 Aalborg


Telefoon:98 14 98 14

In a corner of Friis Shoppingcenter in Aalborg, you’ll find Anettes Sandwich, perfect for when the energy has lowered and you need a tasty boost, which can be turned vegan on request.

Anettes Sandwich opened in Aarhus. They have since had so much success that they also wanted to try to make sandwich for the citizens of Aalborg. Anettes concept is, not only giving a good experience for your tastebuds, but also give a good impression. The restaurant is nice with a calm atmosphere, where you can relax from the stress, while you enjoy a good meal.

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Nytorv 27

9000 Aalborg


03 Sep 18 / 27 Dec 69

08:00 - 19:00

29 Dec 69 / 29 Dec 69

10:00 - 17:00

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