Biking Trip: The Cross Border Route


The most southern bike route on Lolland begins in Rødby and takes you along wide spans of the south coast overlooking the Baltic Sea. First stop could be the cozy village called Nysted, with a stay at Nysted Beach Camping and a detour from the route involving the exiting Seal Safarideparting from the harbour in Nysted.

Lolland is known for its flat manor landscape and on the route you can experience Fuglsang Manor B&B, the nature reserve 'Skejten' and the beautiful Fuglsang Arts Museum. The northern part of the route takes you through Sakskøbing with the iconic fjord and the many food experiences in Maribo. In Maribo you might as well take a detour to experience the beautiful lakes of the nature reserve in Maribo.

The route is intended to be extended to include bike routes on Femern, across the Baltic Sea, and by ferry it's easy to make the crossing by car or with your bike and gear.

Did you know, that you can see this route and many other nature experiences in the app “Naturlandet”. The app can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play. All information is accessible in English, Danish and German – the app is FOR FREE


Here you can download the route coordinates (right click on the link and select "save link as" to get the file available in your download folder).