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Boattour, dolphin and Svendborg Habour

Embark on a luxury island-hopping tour with your own guide and boatman in the fast and stable RIB inflatable boat.

Visit the smallest islands in the Archipelago, enjoy an ice cream and our delicious packed lunch on one of the larger islands, and take a swim in the middle of the 55 islands and islets!

On this tour, you depart from Nicus Nature's base at Vindebyøre, heading out into Svendborg Sound and the Archipelago. The tour heads towards islands such as Drejø, Hjortø, and the tiny island of Birkholm. First, you cruise through Svendborg Sound, where you might spot a porpoise and hear tales of the eccentric souls who have inhabited these parts.

The program is filled with experiences in nature and on the water. You'll experience the unique features of the islands, local food, and the opportunity to see the Sound and the Archipelago from the water. With the Island Cruise, you'll explore the shallow waters of the Archipelago, where other boats cannot venture, safely and worry-free, as your guide knows the Archipelago like the back of their hand.

By midday, lunch is served, primarily consisting of local and organic ingredients, enjoyed with a view of the water.

You should wear practical clothing for transport on an open boat on the water, depending on the weather, but we provide all safety equipment.