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Ceramics course at Leymus - 3 days with 3 techniques

Whether you're a beginner or advanced - Here you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in working with 3 basic techniques: Turning, plate and sausage techniques

We are the only ones working in the workshop during the 3 days of the course, however, curious customers may come to the shop.

Sunday 14 July:
After a cup of coffee and getting to know each other, we'll get started with the first technique: Sausage technique. This technique is suitable for building sculptures, bowls and vases. You'll get an introduction to how to build and what you need to be aware of. Conveniently, the workshop has a "sausage machine" so you can quickly create larger works. After the lunch break, you can try your hand at plate making. This technique is ideal for dishes, mugs and vases - you can play with patterns, prints and potting, which is a clay colour that can be applied to the leather-hard pieces.

Monday 15 July:
Today you will have the opportunity to learn how to turn! We'll split the class in 2 and head to the electric potter's wheel where you'll learn the basic techniques and turn your first pieces.

Tuesday 16 July:
Today is free work in the workshop. We split up again so that we can all get to the turntables and finish turning the leather-hard pieces. This last day is also the day when Monday's larger bowls can be polished. Otherwise, it's up to you what you can work with.

This workshop requires registration. Read more here www.leymus.art