Club Fanø Blokart

Club Fanø Blokart School 

Blokart is one the most exciting things to do on Fanø Beach. There is nothing like cruising on the Beach with your family and friends. 

Blokart is more or less a boat on wheels. You get the same excitement, but it takes less than 10 minutes for our instructor to teach you how to handle the Blokart.  It is basically about learning a little bit about wind conditions and how to make turns. 

It is not dangerous at all to ride the Blokart. You will get a helmet and gloves and the kart has a seat belt. But remember, you are not alone on the Beach, there are other Blokarts drivers and other beach users, so do as in normal traffic, take consideration to other people. 

Before you can ride a Blokart, you must fill out a rental contract. You are driving at your own risk. Your own insurance will have to cover damages on material and persons. 

We do not rent Blokarts out without one our instructors present. Even if it is not dangerous, we want to be present to help you and ensure that everything works. Our aim is that everybody will have great time. 

Please go to our office at Kirkevejen 13, Rindby approx. ½ hour before the arrangement I order to fill out rental contract. 

Price: 350,- kr per hour 
Age: from approx. 12 years old (min height 135 cm)
Meeting Point: Surfers Beach, approx 2 km south of Rindby Beach. 

Tickets online at Club Fanø, on, at Fanø Tourist Office, Skolevej 5-7, Nordby or