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Would you like to try surf, but are not sure if windsurf, kitesurf or the original surf is a bit too complicated for a start. Then Skimboarding could be the answer. Skimboards are used at the waters edge on flat water. That is why the beach on Fanø are prefect for Skimboarding.

It is fun for both beginners and people who have surfed before. It is something, that both kids and adults can do together with no other skills than the desire to have fun.

The skimboard is smaller than traditional shortboards and have no finns. Skimboarding is a bit like skateboarding. Once you have learned to balance, you can do some of same tricks that you do on a skateboard.

Once you have developed your skills or are an experienced surfer you can also try the skimboard on waves. Youuse your momentum from the beach to skim to the first breaking waves, that you catch and surf back like you do in classic surfing. But of course, much smaller waves as it is very close to land.

Try this fun watersport with our instructor. You learn the basic skill and then, go for it.

Age: 10-60 Years old.
Preis: 120 Kr./16€ per hour
Meeting point: Club Fanø, Kirkevejen 13 or by appointment.

Club Fanø
Kirkevejen 13, Rindby
6720 Fanø
Tlf +45 42 41 25 65

CVR 3757 3868


Kirkevejen 13

6720 Fanø

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