Danehofslottet - Nyborg Slot

Foto: Østfyns Museer / Nicolai Godvin
Castles and manor houses
Nyborg Slot is a royal castle built towards the end of the 12th century as part of the defence which the Danish kings established against the Wends.

Slotsgade 34

5800 Nyborg


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Together with Tårnborg near Korsør, and the castle on Sprogø, Nyborg Slot constituted the fortification of the Great Belt region.

Nyborg Slot soon became of great political significance. Many important meetings were held here,
among others Danehof. Today only the west wing and part of the large tower towards the east remain. Nyborg Slot is one of the oldest secular buildings which is preserved in Denmark.


Slotsgade 34

5800 Nyborg

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