The danish bellmuseum

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Farrisvej 12

6560 Sommersted



The museum where you are allowed to fiddle with things. Almost, anyway!

Among the upper class you find the bell on a table; it is used for making the manor's staff perform their duties, eat their food and assemble when they are to be addressed by their master or the lady of the house. The bell is part of the equipment of a sledge, and it is indispensible to the railway at the crossings. Later it is used on bicycles and trams. The milkman uses a bell to attract customers' attention and so does the lorry that drives around your neighbourhood with ice cream for sale.

In the Bell Museum you can try out the bells and listen to the story of the Danish bell traditions, and about table bells, animal bells, carillons and bells used on the road. You are allowed to touch the exhibited items, you can take photographs, and there is movement everywhere in the old cog wheels.


Farrisvej 12

6560 Sommersted



30 DKK

Børn (under 14 år) i følge med en voksen


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