Dorf's Gastrobar

Dorfs Gastrobar offers 34 different special beers on tap and 60 kinds of gins at their unique and cosy bar in Copenhagen.

Quality and experiences through the art of drinking gastronomy. That is what Dorfs Gastrobar focuses on. Here you can order 34 different beers on tap and 60 kinds of gins to go with your oysters or tapas board. Or just on its own. You can also order a beer or gin tasting board to start your own experience or immerse yourself in the beer-bible, which illustrates all details about each beer.

In addition to the more known breweries like Kissmeyer, Schiøtz and Anarkist, they also offer a wide selection of foreign craft beers and gives microbreweries the opportunity to promote their beer over a short period of time. If you are not up for beer you can also order different innovative cocktails where the perfect experience, according to them, is the combination of flavour, scent and appearance. Many of them with a focal point around gin and one special one with wheat beer.

Fun fact: The red tiles in the bar are recycled from Tivoli in Copenhagen.