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Nordby Wooldays Fanø

Since our first festival in 2005 and up until now, the number of festival participants have grown from 600 to 10.000.

Fanø has over centuries been known to a great number of artists who have found their inspiration in the impressive nature of this westernmost island of Denmark. Here, with the Northsea as your closest neighbour, member of the Wadden Sea National Park, you understand why Fanø just recently also was elected member of Unesco's World Heritage. A very special place, indeed. Fanø International Knitting festival takes place in the two towns of the island, in Nordby and in Sønderho.

In Nordby, you will find the heart of the festival, here we have united all elements of the festival, such as workshops, exhibitions, talks, fashion show, demonstrations, unique boutique stands, live music, good food, entertainment, terrific company and more inspiration than you could ever dream of.

In Sønderho, you will be amazed by the picturesque setting in the old town, and here you will find stands, exhibitions at the Fanø Arts museum, good food and entertainment. On Fanø you will meet knitters from all the Scandinavian countries, from Northern Europe and from abroad.

Each year we will introduce you to our cultural heritage and special island-feeling. You can see our Fanø women wearing our customes, you will listen to Fanø music and taste the great food of Fanø. On this website we have put together all the information you need to know in order to participate. We look forward to welcome you on our beautiful island and to Fanø International Knitting festival, the most unique knitting festival in Europe.