Cyclist feeding a horse n8 route

Zorgen voor de natuur

Foto: Østdansk Turisme - Stevns Municipality

Practical information about the countryside code in Denmark, and what is expected of you as a visitor.

Traffic regulations

The Danish rules and regulations for cyclists can be found in the 'Announcement of the Road Traffic Act' paragraphs 49 and 50, which includes information on how to outfit your bike and what equipment you need. Some important examples: it is forbidden to cycle on a pavement or footpath, and you must ensure that your lights and brakes are in good working order. It is crucial to exhibit law-abiding behaviour and to be safe, for your sake and the sake of your fellow travellers.

Countryside byelaws

Everyone can go where they like in the Danish countryside as long as they are considerate of animals, plants and other people. It is your responsibility to be safe.

Here are some of the most important rules:

  • You are allowed in public woods and forests 24 hours a day, all year round.
  • You are only allowed in private woods and forests from 6 am until sunset, and only on roads and paths.
  • All cycling is to be carried out on roads and trails, regardless of public or private land.
  • Foraging for private use is allowed.
  • It can be difficult to see if a wood or forest is publically or privately owned. Look for signs and follow the rule of thumb that red posts are used in public forests, and green ones are used on private land.
  • Entry to a forest can sometimes be limited during the hunting season.
  • You are allowed on uncultivated land (meadows, cliffs, coasts and beaches etc) on foot while pushing your bike.
  • If you want to stay in a public forest /uncultivated land, you have to be at least 50 meters from the nearest building. If you want to stay on private ground, you have to be at least 150 meters from the nearest building.
  • You can check further rules on: The Danish Nature Agency