Pernille Westh, photographer

Photographer Pernille Westh creates original art photography and uses it in conjunction with a wide range of everyday objects, such as magnets, bookmarks, wallpaper, throw pillows, plates and pots. Her products are sustainable and all textiles are made from organic materials. The design is modern – her works are both subdued as well as brightly coloured. The idea behind Pernille's work is to bring nature and animals into the home in an artistic way by decorating functional objects with her stunning photographs.

Most of Pernille's designs are limited edition only and her collections change regularly. Pernille finds inspiration in nature – in particular Scandinavian nature and wildlife.

Pernille's designs can be purchased both at her cosy little farm shop as well as online. The shop is at Hvidemosegaard, which is idyllically situated between the two picturesque villages of Kyndeløse and Nr. Hyllinge. Both villages are listed as cultural conservation areas and the first records of them date back to 1278 and 1275 respectively. The shop is accessible from the yard and parking facilities are available at the edge of the field on Hvidemosevej. Various events are held periodically in conjunction with the shop. It is also possible to visit Pernille's studio at Hvidemosegaard. 

You are welcome to visit Pernille's website for further information and to call to arrange a visit. Her web shop operates round the clock.

 Opening hours by appointment

Pernille Westh photographs primarily animals and nature and is the author of over 25 publications. She has also appeared on television as an animal expert and has worked with National Geographic, World Society for the Protection of Animals, Animal Planet, Dyrenes Beskyttelse, Nikon, Polfoto, as well as a multitude of weekly magazines and newspapers.