Fri Bikeshop Skagen

Fri Bikeshop Skagen is Denmark's northernmost bike dealer

At Fri Bikeshop Skagen you will find a large selection of both electric bikes, MTB, races, city bikes and children's bikes.

And as part of a larger chain, Free BikeShop can also provide you with certain benefits - including these services:

Free Part Payment
Free Lifetime Service
14 Day Free Satisfaction Guarantee
Free BikeSmart
Wide range of bicycles and accessories

Should you be so unlucky that your bike is incompetent, we will fix it and lend you a bike while your day goes as planned.

At Fri BikeShop, good service and a large selection all year is a matter of course.

If you come as a guest to Skagen - You can also rent a bike at Fri Bikeshop Skagen  - see much more about this here