Gl. Lejre Gallery

Gl. Lejre Gallery has hosted exhibitions of Danish and international modern art since 1988 – always in close collaboration with the artists.
The gallery belongs to the Danish Galleries Association, works with an affiliated staff of recognized artists and puts on a wide variety of exhibitions throughout the year. The light, airy rooms and delightful garden provide a charming setting for these exhibitions – many of which testify to the gallery's innovative spirit.

Gl. Lejre Gallery fulfils various functions by presenting its affiliated artists to a broad public, by providing a cultural forum for educating about art and holding public lectures and also by offering decoration services and consultancy services to businesses and private individuals.

The owner, Dorte Philipsen, established the gallery in the characteristic landscape of gentle rolling hills, woodlands and historical landmarks which surrounds the pretty, well-preserved village of Gammel Lejre, just half an hour's drive from Copenhagen.