Gyvelborg Øko-camping & Gårdbutik (Gyvelborg organic camping and farm shop)

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Local specialities
At Gyvelborg organic camping and farm shop they have opened a farm shop with organic and sustainable quality products from their own production and other local manufacturers.

Frisbækvej 14

8766 Nørre Snede


Telefoon:+45 21420864

Mobile:+45 20152063

Organic quality products

They offer quality meet from their own jerseys, delicious cheeses, jersey ice cream and other products useful for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They offer products in season. At summer you can find fresh vegetables and at spring you can find homemade lemonade and marmalade. 

Gyvelborg farm shop is definitely worth a visit.  


Frisbækvej 14

8766 Nørre Snede


Organic production

Organic farm shop

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