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Harvest herbs and bake your own herbal bread in Naturkraft

At Naturkraft, you can collect herbs in the forest garden and flavour your herb bread with a touch of West Jutland nature

It is becoming increasingly popular to harvest from Danish nature and use it in cooking, for example in the form of pestos, herbal salts or directly as flavourings in food.

When you visit Naturkraft, you can try your hand at gathering herbs directly from Naturkraft's own pantry and bake a herbal bread with a unique flavour.

You can find fennel, wild garlic and chives, among others. Smell and taste the different herbs, find your favourites and experience how the herbs give an extra and special flavour to the bread. Read more here

This activity takes place from the Ascension Day holiday on the 9th of May and every opening day from 13:30-16:00 until the 28th of June. 

Opening hours
Naturkraft is open Tuesday to Sunday 11.00-16.00 in May and June.
Please note that there are more opening days than shown below. Read more here