Henne Strand

Henne Strand - the perfect place to spend your holiday.
The area at Henne Strand offers a beautiful nature with dunes, moor and forests.

The beach is situated 12 km from Nørre Nebel, Varde Kommune.


1) Check the position of the life-saving post and read the instructions on arrival at the beach.
2) Always swim parallel to the coast.
3) If possible, take your mobile telephone with you.

1) Never bathe when there is a strong wind.
2) Never bathe alone. Children should always be accompanied by an adult.
3) Do not go out into the water deeper than waist level.
4) Never bathe from breakwater, the outgoing current is strong.
5) Never bathe with rubber beach toys or the like, they are easily taken out to sea by the current.
6) Never shout for help for fun.

The Tryg Foundation and the Danish Swimming Union man a lifesaving tower on Vejers, Hvidbjerg and Henne beaches.