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Holiday resorts

Villavej 25

8300 Odder



11 new holiday houses in the best Northern style, located right by the beach. A 150 metre bathing jetty, a renovated shipyard, a large fleet of sailboats, dinghies, surfboards and the flagship Princess Alexandra is setting the stage for a holiday or a weekend getaway filled with experiences. There is a ten minute walk to the ferry harbour in Hou, with departures to the islands of Tunø and Samsø.

Hou Sea Sport Center is suitable for everyone and handicap-friendly. Wheelchair users can enjoy the nature, the ocean and the beach first hand here. The houses are 100 square metres each with eight beds - all handicap-friendly with lots of space and no skirtings or edges. 

Hou Sea Sport Center has been awarded the accessibility label. 


Villavej 25

8300 Odder


Meeting facilities

Free parking


Tennis court

Bicycles for hire


Capacity: Beds (88)

Easy access

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