Hvalsø Cinema

Established in 1942, Hvalsø Cinema is a modern member-driven cinema, where unpaid volunteers cover every aspect of running the theatre.


By the ticket sales area, Hvalsø Cinema has a cosy café that seats about 40. The café opens an hour prior to each performance. Enjoy a glass of wine, cup of coffee, cappuccino or café au lait, hot chocolate or tea before the show begins. The café also has an evening package, comprising a cinema ticket, meal and drink that can be ordered online at least three hours before the show or at the ticket office the day before. The meal is served 45-minutes before screenings, providing you plenty of time to enjoy your delicious, freshly prepared and healthy meal. See the menu here.

Hvalsø Cinema has won several awards. For example, at the annual film screening in2008 in Vejle, where cinemas and distributors meet to see films for the upcoming season, Hvalsø Cinema won the award for best volunteer cinema. In September of the same year, P4S radio station listeners voted Hvalsø Cinema as the best cinema in the region. 

Opera in Hvalsø Cinema

In addition to the latest films, Hvalsø Cinema shows some of the most beloved operas with world-class stars, amazing staging and a top-class choir and orchestra broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera inNew York. In addition to the opera, a well-known opera singer provides an introduction and there are discussions with the singers, in some cases with the conductor, director or stage designer, as well as a look behind the scenes. During intermission, a freshly prepared combination pizza and sandwich buffet with a glass of wine, beer or coffee/tea is available for 65 kroner. The buffet can be purchased at the box office before the performance begins. The operas are sung in their original language with English subtitles. The cinema’s activities are run entirely by volunteers.

See the current opera programme here.

Baby Cinema at Hvalsø Cinema

Once a month Hvalsø Cinema hosts Baby Cinema, where parents of small children can see a film during the day in the company of other parents with small children. The same film currently being shown at the theatre is also shown for Baby Cinema.

Hvalsø Film Festival

Since 2004 when Hvalsø Cinema opened its doors for the first Hvalsø Film Festival in cooperation with Michael Wikke and Steen Rasmussen (two Danish actors and directors well known for a variety of films and TV series), the festival has been a permanent part of the cinema's annual repertoire. The festival’s main theme is “My Favourite Film.” A number of cultural personalities are invited to choose and introduce their personal favourites and to discuss their film with the audience. 

Hvalsø Cinema’s lobby art gallery

Since its opening in early April 2003 the lobby at Hvalsø Cinema has hosted more than 60 artists associated with the local area. A large variety of genres within the visual arts – from oil painting to photography – have been represented at the gallery’s changing exhibitions.

Find current film listings and other events at Hvalsø Cinema here.