Food, people and opportunities. Visit INSP! - a local gathering point and a small new reality created by the citizens of Roskilde. Everybody is welcome and everything is possible. INSP! is a creative house of experience for children, young people, adults and elderly altogether. We experiment with the art of being together as human beings. The one who enters is an active co-creator of experiences in the meeting with others.

We meet about practical tasks like taking care of the house or doing gardening, we cook and create music together. We create dance, art of words and movies. We support unemployed in getting back to work, young people in finding an education, elderly out of their loneliness and talents out into the world. We make things happen and create life in town.

If you are new to Roskilde – either a citizen or a visitor – INSP! is the place to meet the locals, get a network or get some new inspiration. Would you like to feel the spirit and the drive in Roskilde, you should come by. No matter who you are or what you can do, it is a nice place to be.

INSP! is run like a socioeconomic company where all profit from sales of food, guided tours, visits of inspiration, teambuilding, creative workshops etc. is spent on the nonprofit activities that are made for especially children and young peoples’ active participation in the society.