Løvenborg Castle and baroque garden | Photo: VisitHolbæk

Løvenborg Castle

Foto: VisitHolbæk
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Visit the beautiful baroque garden of Løvenborg Castle, which is inspired by both French and English garden styles. 

Løvenborg Alle 30

4420 Regstrup



Løvenborg Castle Gardens

South-east of the main building of Løvenborg Castle you will find the Baroque garden. The north western garden is preserved in its original French style with stiff hedges in symmetrical patterns. The rest of the garden is inspired by the English style, which is newer, more free and natural.

There is public access to the garden from April to 21st October on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and on public holidays from 8 am to 5 pm.

Løvenborg Castle

The main building of Løvenborg Castle dates back to 1634. Earlier, however, the castle has been named Ellinge and Birkholm. The castle received its current name from the noble family Løvenskiold. 

The castle is most likely inspired by Frederiksborg Castle. The main building and the rest form a beautiful architectural construction. The eye-catching main building at Løvenborg Castle is built in red stones and the entire castle is surrounded by water. On the two western corners of the castle there are two large octagonal towers with a round roof that ends in a spire. The roofs of the towers are covered with copper at the top.

An extension has been built at the end of each side wing that is higher than the rest of the building. Unlike the rest of the castle, the southern side wing extension is built with inspiration from Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen.

Løvenborg Castle was built during the Thirty Year' War from 1618-1648, but was not intended for defense. Despite this, massive walls, towers, and a bridge were built.

Since 2013, the main building has been protected. 

Please not that there is not public access to the castle - only to the garden.


Løvenborg Alle 30

4420 Regstrup




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