Dinner, Art and Music at the Herregården Odden- CANCELLED

Herregården Odden (Manor House) hosts a lovely event with food, art and music.

Program for the events:

Arrival at 17:30 and welcome drink and appetizer in ‘Hestestalden’. Here the story of the old manor will be told.

Guided tour of Victor Petersens Willumsen-collection.

Main course and dessert are served in the rooms of the manor and are made by ‘Landkøkkenet Mygdal’ which has created interesting and delicious menus.

Live music with coffee, tea and cookies.

The arrangements end at 22:00 in the evening.

Ticket price: 475 kr. pr. Person for the whole event, drinks included.

Book your ticket at Herregården Odden from 10:00-17:00 or through phone: 98975202.