Mandø Inn

At Mandø Inn we can seat 120 dining guests, both for family gatherings, lunch, dinner, a weddings, birthdays and company parties.

Mandø Inn values a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. We aim to cook good Danish food, with a touch of the world and the sea around us.

The Inn was built before 1900, originally as a village hall. Later It was rebuilt and became an inn. Since then, it has been rebuilt several times, however every time kept in the old style.

At the tavern we take our inspiration from the area around the island which is intimate, peaceful and relaxing. This is the impression we try to give at the tavern by preparing good Danish food, inspired by the area.

Lunch Menu
During the low season we can offer á la carte. You can try our homemade pickled herrings, a delicious piece of bread with fish and schrimps or one of the other dishes we have on the menu.

During the high season we offer a large scrumptious summer buffet, with homemade specials and good fresh produce.

In our summer buffet there are among other things different types of homemade pickled herrings, lamb salami, freshly made potato - chicken - tuna - and ham salads, at least 4 warm dishes, and crisp salads, together with freshly baked gourmet bread.

Evening Menu
We are also open in the evening during the weekends from the 1st of May to the 17th of October, as well as every weekday from the 1st of July to the 16th of August. Please book your table on tel: +45 61 66 56 75.

We offer good Danish tavern food such as schnitzels, fried plaice or steaks.

Children are not forgotten either, with our creative children’s dishes. We sell local beer from Ribe brewery.

A visit to Mandø tavern is always an experience. See the huge flocks of birds, and feel the tranquility and peace of mind. - Yes, the island’s beauty moves with the seasons.

At Mandø tavern, tranquility, peace of mind, and cosiness are not concepts, they are a way of life.