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Organic farming and visit farm
Mangholm is an organic farm, located in North Sealand just outside Hillerød, between Gribskov and Arresø. The farm is run gently on nature's terms using older operating modes, with indigenous livestock breeds and ancient grains. The farm is open to visitors on weekends and at special seasonal events.

Come and visit our lovely farm shop with more than 250 products, both own products and local products from other manufacturers. We sell vegetables, flour, wool from our sheep and products made from meat from our animals. Moreover, we have a wide range of local products such as beer, coffee, chocolate, juice and honey. The shop is open on Saturday and Sunday between 10 am and 4 pm.

All our animals are of old Danish country breed: cows, sheep, pigs and hens.

The nature surrounding Mangholm has many rare species of both birds, amphibians and mammals. The varied crop rotation, ponds, hedges and cultivated fields helps ensure a great diversity of wild animals and plants. All this we want to share with you. We have made some walking paths over the fields where visitors are welcome to take a walk during business hours.

We are open for visits on weekends. In addition, we are open at special events during the season with activities for children and adults, and other local producers invited.

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Hillerødvej 20

3400 Hillerød


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