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May exhibition at Marie Drewes Gallery

Every year in May Marie Drewes exhibits her artwork in beautiful nature by the river Gudenå and the Sugar Loaf (Sukkertoppen). Prepare to be enthralled by Drewes’ enchanting world of art and go for a walk in one of Denmark’s most stunning nature areas.

Experience beautiful art in Bakkelandet

Møldruphus is a charming house built around a square in the hilly and forest-clad landscape near the village Voervadsbro. The property covers 35 acres of land and has 1,5 kilometre of the river Gudenå.

Marie Drewes hosts an exhibition at Møldruphus every day in May. Here, she exhibits her newest artwork in her atelier and in the large stable.  Marie Drewes specialises in visual arts. You can see watercolours, litographies, oil paintings and acrylic paintings. Her abstract visual universe has the nature as its scene, and the beautiful combination of colours is what makes her paintings special.

Everyone is welcome to stop by – art societies, art connoisseurs, friends of the house and everyone else who is interested. Marie Drewes offers the option to enjoy your packed lunch followed by a talk in the stable between the artwork for all art societies who want the full experience.   


The picturesque surroundings

Møldruphus is located in an area characterized by forest, lakes and hills. On the large property, there is a big section of the preserved part of Denmark’s only river Gudenå. And the property has its own private path that leads to one of Denmark’s most impressive vista points, the Sugar Loaf. When you visit the exhibition, you get free access to the nature on the property.

We recommend that you combine your visit to the art exhibition with a day in nature. At the nearby restaurant, The Little Smokehouse (Det Lille Røgeri), you can order a picnic box with delicious fish products and smoked delicacies and enjoy it at the tables and benches by the stable. The artist will gladly talk about her art and give advice for the hiking trip.


The rest of the year

Marie Drewes’ artwork is often exhibited outside Møldruphus, and over the course of the year, her paintings circulate between art societies. The other eleven months of the year, large groups are welcome to contact her and enquire about a display. But there is no guarantee that her artwork is not exhibited elsewhere.