My Roskilde - Anni recommends

Anni Ehlers, Manager and Initiator of INSP!, recommends:
Roskilde is probably most of all known for its history, but there is so much more to experience that you might easily miss as a tourist. To discover the creative and alternative new attractions, I would recommend an interesting walk from north to south to sample nature, culture and recent history on a single adventure tour.

Start from the harbour, enjoying the lovely scenery, the fjord and the Viking ships. Go up the hill to the city centre with its bustling atmosphere, most fascinating on Saturdays. Then continue to INSP!, an Experimentarium of a community house – and please do drop in! Rounding off your tour, visit Musicon, the creative new quarter of town, always in development, a very special experience. And then, of course, Roskilde Festival is definitely a must for your final stop if you should be in town while this great musical event takes place.