Nordby Fanø

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6720 Fanø


Nordby - the "Capital" of Fanø

From Esbjerg the ferry sails to Fanø - a nice little travel of about 12 minutes. Time enough to let the mind relax.

Nordby is a small and cosy town. Lot of beautiful old houses. Surrounded by great nature.

The closeness to nature to see already at Langelinie - the promenade along the harbour. There are many birds and a low tide very ofthe seals are on the tiny sandbank "Søjorden".

One of the oldest inns in Denmark is in Nordby - Fanø Krogaard dating back to 1664.

Nordby is also a modern town with about 2.800 inhabitants. The town is the administrative cente rof Fanø with City Council, school, doctors, sports area and city council.


6720 Fanø


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