Nordvestjysk Golf Course in Thy National Park

Golf course

Try one of Denmark's most challenging golf courses:
Play golf in the middle of Denmark's first National Park - and have a wonderful experience!

Nordvestjysk Golf Club's course is located in Nystrup plantation.

The golf course, located in Thy National Park, is in a beautiful, old plantation, planted to protect the land against sand drift. The area is characterized by lying very close to the sea (about 4 km), with mountain and lodge pole pine trees. These surround pretty much all the fairways on the course, and we regard them as our rough - hence the term, "at the Nordvestjysk Golf Club the rough 8m high"

Over the years, there has been planted many oaks, beech and other hardwood trees and has now become an even more variable nature surrounding the golf course. This has also led to an even more abundant wildlife, where hares, squirrels, roe deer and red deer are frequently seen on the fairways.

Tees and greens are built according to the rules and the architect has created some very difficult and challenging greens on most holes. 

The course has 18 holes.

Short Hole Course:

Our short-hole course is located about 2 km from the clubhouse towards Klitmoeller.

The course consists of 6 holes, 4 of which are par 3 holes and 2 par 4 holes. Tee-off on all holes is from pads.

Each fairway is surrounded by rough consisting of grass, heather and mountain pine.

The track is generally considered severe, and it is advisable to bring good supply of balls... in case you have one of those days!

We also have a spacious and quiet driving range, situated 150m from the club house.