Open workshop at Ceciliasminde

Susanna is a weaver and now also a soap manufacturer, living and working at Ceciliasminde.

Susanna has been weaving for many years and always found inspiration in her surroundings and nature.

She has lived in Scotland, England, Ireland and the southern part of Germany with her Scottish / Canadian husband John, she now runs Ceciliasminde - a small farm in Bregninge, where you can visit both the weaving workshop and the soap factory, which she has just taken over. In other words, there will be both something to see and smell.

Ceciliasminde also has a nature sharing project together with Bregninge Gæstgiveri and Lars Brix, where they together own 5.5 hectares of land and have rented the land from the church to preserve some of the unique landscape around Bregninge. There is a 2 km walk around the country with ponds and great views. There will be certain soap production days that are not predictable. but there will always be something to see.

In the winter months there will be a "Winter Shop," which is a little reduced in size.

Opening hours

Usually Susanna works Monday - Friday - if necessary also on the weekends. Open October - March.

There will be certain soap production days , which are not predictable. Still there will always be something to see and I will have a “Winter shop”which is slightly reduced in size. 

Normally I work Mon - Fri - if needed also at the weekend. Open October – March.