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Culinary experiences are of many kinds, but nothing beats consuming a newly-opened oyster out in the stunning landscape of the Wadden Sea.

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Season for Oyster Tours in the Wadden SeaIt is recommended only to gather oysters in the cold season. The season starts in mid-October, when the water temperature drops and lasts till spring time - until the end of April.

By avoiding the hottest months the risk of picking oysters containing toxic phytoplankton is minimized.

Guided tours with nature guides, where you walk out to the mussel banks.
Incl. information about the Wadden Sea and its wildlife.
Sigh up here www.vadehavscentret.dk or call +45 75 44 61 61

Oyster Safari with the tour boat "Mandø-pigen"
Duration 3 hours. We sail out to the oyster banks in the Wadden Sea and on route we might see seals. We bring boots, buckets and knives, so that we can get off the boat and pick oysters, back in the boat you can taste your fresh oysters with a glass of champagne. Se calendar here

The Oyster King / Fanø Event +45 28 22 20 74

At your own risk
Eating oysters collected in the Wadden Sea is at your own risk, whether you're on a tour with a nature guide, or are out on your own.


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