Roedvig Camping Stevns

Roedvig Camping and Caravan Site 

Close to a harbour, a sandy beach, cliffs and the beautiful nature of Stevns.
The Site is situated among the beautiful countryside, yet is only a one hour drive from Copenhagen, and half an hour to BonBon Land.

It is an excellent base for active guests who wish to make use of the areas many opportunities for outdoor activities. It is also ideal for campers in the 50+ age group and for families with smaller children.

In just ten minutes you can walk to the beach with a view to the harbour of Roedvig and the Cliff of Stevns in the background. From here you can walk along the beach to the small and active fishing harbour and marina – to enjoy the pleasures of the maritime activities. From here it is possible to take small boats into the water -maybe to go fishing.

The 23 km long coastline with the cliff offers numerous opportunities for nature experiences which can be enjoyed by foot, by bike or motor vehicle. The coastline at certain places can remind about more Southern locations.

The area also offers many locations of historical interest such as the Gjorslev Mansion and the many old village churches.