Roskilde Tourist Information

The tourist office is closed due to the new covid-19 restrictions.


With a wealth of history, culture, exciting attractions and accommodation, Roskilde has plenty to offer the visitor. The staff at Roskilde Tourist Information have years of experience understanding the needs of our customers and they are ready to assist you.

A visit at the tourist information will not only save you time, but also provide you with ideas to see all that Roskilde has to offer. Here you can get tourist brochures from many different destinations and attractions in Denmark, bicicyle maps, hiking maps, city maps etc. for free.

You can also buy vouchers for accommodation, international camping carnets, Copenhagen Cards, roadmaps, bicycle maps, hiking maps, bicyle books, postcards and souvenirs.

Roskilde Tourist Information, also called VisitRoskilde, is authorised by The Association of Danish Tourist Offices.