Route 11: Teglværksskoven and Strandvænget

Teglværksskoven is a beautifully situated wood leading down to the waters of the Great Belt north of Nyborg. The woods is 1.5 km long and about 600 m wide. It is not know how old the wood is, but King Erik of Pommern donated the woods to Nyborg in 1435. Through the ages, it has provided timber and firewood for the citizens of the town and oak for Nyborg Shipyard.

Management of the wood began in 1880. The majority of the trees are beech, but there are also oaks, ash, alders and conifers. The oldest beech trees are about 180 years old. Animals such as roe deer, hares and pheasants live in the woods.

By the restaurant in Teglværksskoven wood, overlooking the sea, there is i fairly high clay bank with a barrow, offering a magnificent view of Romsø and Hindsholm to the north. A pavillion once stood on the mound, built in c. 1890, when Crown Prince Frederik (later Frederik VIII) was serving at the garrison in Nyborg.

Paths through the woods, and a path alon the coast, take you to Strandvænget, just north of Teglværksskoven.


Strandvænget is a public institution (Region South Denmark) for mentally handicapped individuals. It is situated in grounds of approx. 40 acres, with amazing views over the Great Belt. The area is open to the public and offers a multitude of outdoor activities. There are areas specially deighnated for bonfires where you can picnic. You can swim from the beach and there is a mini zoo, sensory playground, etc-