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Sæby Watermill Holiday apartments

Sæby's landmark, the idyllic old Sæby Watermill, was built in 1710 and is situated by Sæby Stream in the heart of the town, close to the beach.

Sæby Watermill has two beautiful, modern holiday apartments where guests can experience history while enjoying the view of the river, the millrace, and the garden. Sæby Watermill offers two holiday homes: The Mill House and Thoras House. Both accommodations are entirely unique with their own distinctive story.

The mill house is the old restored workshop in the watermill. Here, there is plenty of headroom and a fabulous view of the lock at Sæby Stream. Put on a vinyl record on the gramophone, relax in the alcove, and sense over 300 years of industrial history in the impressive mill. The Mill House accommodates up to 6 guests.

Thoras House is the cozy farmhouse in the watermill. It features beautiful carpentry furniture, views of the lush garden and the river. Relax with a good book and imagine life in the watermill for several hundred years. Thoras House also accommodates up to 6 guests.

They look forward to welcoming you to Sæby Watermill.

Read more about stays at "Sæby Vandmølle" at: www.sæbyvandmølle.dk 

Book a stay in The Mill House: https://airbnb.com/h/watermill1
Book a stay in Thoras House: https://airbnb.com/h/watermill1b