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Sankt Hans at Henne Strand

Experience the cosy and magnificent Sankt Hans evening at Henne Strand. This year, Henne Strand Life is responsible for making the evening a memorable event for residents and visitors alike

Sankt Hans has a long historical tradition in Denmark, which is celebrated with bonfires, singing and socialising.

This year, the evening starts at 5.45pm when the band Jumpin' Jacks kicks off the festivities with music that is sure to create an atmosphere and joy among all participants.

At 7.30pm, guests will gather at the hostel and shortly afterwards, at 7.45pm, the procession - led by Jumpin' Jacks - will make its way to the campsite before heading to the beach where even more adventures await.

Arriving at the beach at around 8.15pm, participants can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. At 8.30pm, landowner and journalist Ole Krohn will share his words and thoughts in this year's campfire speech.

The highlight comes at 9pm when the bonfire is lit and Midsummer's Eve transforms from a bright day to a magical evening. There are no expectations of formality; you come as you are and enjoy the warmth of both the fire and the community.

Grab your loved ones and join us in celebrating one of the most significant and cosy evenings of the year at Henne Strand. It's time to create new memories and honour old traditions.