Selected - Clothing store in Kolding Storcenter


SELECTED is an unisex brand with a strong Scandinavian design estetik. We are an authentic brand with a minimalistic expression and a clear focus on quality. We offer modern styles with an edge and international touch for the modern individuals.


SELECTED HOMME is the essence of good taste in modern menswear design and fit. We represent an unique interpretation of the modern man who has an individual and confidence style. He mix his existing wardrobe with the season news to create a characteristic, fascinating expression.
Our SELECTED HOMME man has a focus on details and the best qualities.


SELECTED FEMME is characterised by a focused and simple elegance deeply rooted in Scandinavian aesthetic. Our collections draws inspiration from historical, iconic women and combines the cultural legacy with a modern flow. We always mix the classics with the modern trends to present sophisticated styles. The silhouette is cool but feminine. It is simple but strong. We create timeless design with surprising details. We create fashion you are going to wear again and again!