Skjoldnæs Lighthouse og Næbbet

On the northern tip of Ærø stands Skjoldnæs Lighthouse, one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the country.

The lighthouse was built in 1881 as a 22-metre tall, round building made of Bornholm granite. 57 steps lead to the watch room. The lantern is the central part of the lighthouse and it is extremely well preserved and completely intact from when it was originally built. From the gallery on the platform you have grand views. On a clear day one can see the Baltic, the Little Belt, and the South-of-Funen Archipelago. To the south, mainland Germany can dimly be seen. To the west is the island of Als and to the north you will see the islands of Lyø, Bjørnø and Avernakø with Faborg and the Svanninge Hills in the background.

The lighthouse on Ærø has a special reason for becoming one of the most impressive lighthouses in Denmark. After the defeat to the Prussians in 1864 and the loss of Schleswig, Ærø was administrated by the county of Svendborg. It was therefore decided to build an impressive lighthouse that could be seen as far as Kiel as a salute to our lost friends and families. Access to the lighthouse is from sunrise till sunset and at a very modest entrance fee. Around the lighthouse, one of Europe's most beautifully located seaside golf courses has been built.

The interesting nature preserve ‘Næbbet’ reaches 300 metres into the sea from the low beach hill on the northern coast into the Archipelago. To biologists, this is one of Ærø's most significant and interesting areas for birdwatchers and botanists and it has great recreational value. The area between the Skjoldnæs Lighthouse and Næbbet is also a hotspot for anglers due to deep water and strong current.