Bees on the island Orø

Sustainable beekeeper from the island Orø

Foto: Smag Orø
Local specialities
Experience the taste of the island Orø: Crystalized sweets, honey and honey caramels.

Højvejen 4

4305 Orø


Telefoon:31 62 09 98

Visit the sustainable beekeeper ”Smag Orø”, which in Danish means “Taste Orø.”

Orø is an island in the heart of the Danish fjord Isefjord. The tranquil island is full of hidden gems, such as this one, their own and sustainable beekeeper.

Organic specialities from Denmark

If you have a sweet tooth, then this is worth a visit. At the beekeeper, you can purchase organic honey, honey caramels, French nougat and unique crystalized products.  

Meet sustainable beekeepers

Would you like to visit the beekeepers and hear more about sustainable beekeeping? Contact the beekeepers and arrange a visit.

In their garden, you will find four beehives. Each one is kept separate from the other, to preserve the unique taste of each beehive. During your visit, you can hear stories about the beekeeping, get a warm cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet buzz of honey bees.


Højvejen 4

4305 Orø


Apiary / beekeeper

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