The lake and fiord landscape – a cycle tour on island Als

Foto: Steen Rabjerg
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Johan Hansens vej

6430 Nordborg

This cycle route through the lake and fiord landscape of Als is 27 km in length and can be completed in an hour, but set aside 2-3 hours if you can so that you may enjoy some of the many beautiful views along the way.

The route is varied with both asphalt and unpaved roads and is suitable for a regular bicycle, but if you have a mountain bike you can take a couple of very interesting alternative routes. The route is hilly and filled with scenic surprises. You will ride along tunnelled paths where the foliage creates a roof effect over narrow gravel roads and you will see incredible fiord views, fields, canals and lakes as well as winding roads through idyllic country villages.

In addition, if you take a ride on a warm summer evening in May or June, you may be fortunate enough to hear a choir of green tree frogs or natterjack toads by the ponds near the beach.


Johan Hansens vej

6430 Nordborg


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