Sølvdal Angling Lake

Sølvdal Angling Lakes

Foto: Sølvdal
Angling waters

Grindstedvej 14

6670 Holsted




Sølvdal Lystfiskersøer are idyllically placed in the middle of wood and nature, approximately 5 km north of Holsted. Angling licenses are available on self-service. The catch is not restricted.  In the area, you find tables, benches, shelters and a playground for young children.

Rainbow trouts and golden trouts are released once or twice every week during the summer. In the spring and in the autumn, brook trouts, tiger trouts and brown/river trouts are released. The fish planted out have a weight from approximately 800 g to approximately 7 kg, with an average of approximately 1,5 kg.

During the winter, the lake may be closed due to unsafe ice.


Grindstedvej 14

6670 Holsted


02 Jan 20 / 31 Dec 20

06:00 - 22:00

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